Waste water treatment plant

The fully biological small waste water treatment plant is a tightly closed container or tank in which the biological digestion process of organic waste takes place.

The waste water treatment plant can be installed and connected within a very short time, and is ready for use after 25-30 days. The sizes are either 1,000 liters, for about 4 people, or 2,000 liters, for about 8 people.


The use of a small wastewater treatment plant reduces pollution of groundwater, and decreases bad odors and the proliferation of pathogenic organisms. It also produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional methods.


The additional biogas produced in it can be used in liquid and gaseous form for anything, such as cooking or heating.


The biofertilizer that is produced is the fermented residue in liquid form and helps restore soil structure and maintain soil fertility. It can be used directly after leaving the treatment plant.